The Indigenous Men’s Leadership Project was founded by CAAN Communities, Alliances & Networks in April 2021, recognizing the importance to find grounding between the work of CAAN, and how we implement it for Indigenous men on Turtle Island.

This project brings a safe place for Indigenous boys, men, and Indigenous People Living with HIV (IPHA) to be themselves, practice Individual growth, find supports, and connect with the right resources. The Indigenous Men’s Leadership Project will open doorways in communities for Indigenous strategies to support Indigenous men living with HIV. The intent of this project is for CAAN and the participants to address these areas of support, and be a voice amongst our people of the land. CAAN will integrate this project into its future years of research and programming.

Key Objectives for the Indigenous Men’s Leadership Project across Canada:

Nationwide Engagement:

  • Reaching out across the nation to Indigenous men and boys, to bring awareness around the strengths we have as Indigenous Peoples.
  • Deliver programming for Indigenous men, creating safe spaces to connect with their roots, both emotionally and spiritually.

IPHA (Indigenous People Living with HIV/AIDS) Engagement:

  • Finding a grounding force between IPHA and the Project to create a safe, trustworthy environment for support and resources.
  • Seeking ways to cope and heal through traditional teachings.

Community Engagement

  • Bringing Communities together to build strategic supports for Indigenous men on this land.
  • Create resources for Indigenous men to reconnect to their traditional cultures.
  • Supporting other Indigenous men’s groups across Canada.
  • Bringing awareness to traditional ways of knowing and doing as a healing strategy.

Spotted Eagle Society (SES)

This ongoing committee is built around advocacy for Indigenous boys and men in Canada. The SES Committee supports our people here on Turtle Island. Our ancestors’ warriors used to protect our people from enemies long ago, and we now have a chance to go back to our traditional knowledge and practices to protect our people of this land.

If you’d like to connect with the Indigenous Men’s Leadership Coordinator, reach out to Coleman Kaiswatum at , or 306-699-3236.


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