Spotted Eagle Society

National Indigenous Men’s Committee/CAAN Advisory Committee

The Spotted Eagle Society (SES) is an Indigenous Men’s Committee lead by Indigenous People who identify as male, and was founded by the Indigenous Men’s Leadership Coordinator, Coleman Kaiswatum. After reaching out to Indigenous Organizations across Canada seeking guidance, with discussion around the idea of creating an Indigenous voice for all who identify as male, the Committee was established.

The name “Spotted Eagle Society” originated from the Eagle itself, with the white spots representing the bruises and scars Indigenous men face on this land. Even though we go through everyday battles, we continue to move forward with strength and honor, like the Spotted Eagle.

The SES was brought to life by seven champions from varied backgrounds, including academic, artistic and Lived Experience. These men are integral to CAAN’s important work:

Trevor Stratton – CAAN’s Indigenous Leadership Policy Manager, and strong advocate for People Living with HIV.

Dr. Randall Jackson – Professor at McMaster’s University with work based around health, aging, and society.

Kelley Bird Naytowhow – Master’s Degree student at the University of Saskatchewan, focusing his studies on Indigenous Research in Canada. Kelley is a Knowledge Keeper and strong advocate for traditional practices.

Jared BigCanoe – An entrepreneur and Indigenous music artist. Jared is a talented Powwow singer.

Jefferson Brown – Men’s Wellness Coordinator for the Heilstyuk Community in British Columbia.

Elder James Quatell – One of CAAN’s Elders in Residence, and a strong voice within the SES.

Coleman Kaiswatum – CAAN’s Indigenous Men’s Leadership Coordinator

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If you’d like to connect with the Indigenous Men’s Leadership Coordinator, reach out to Coleman Kaiswatum at , or 306-699-3236.

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