The Women’s Leadership Project is part of the CAAN Programs Team. Updates coming soon.

Each project has a designated coordinator who seeks to address key strategic objectives and activities and to provide an opportunity for these two populations to dialogue on issues of importance to them. Both projects are led by advisory committees designed to provide input into CAAN project activities – from activity development to distribution of resources/documents/ and other produced materials.

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Indigenous Women and Men’s Leadership News & Views

CAAN International HIV research to improve sexual and reproductive health of Indigenous women

The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN), Canada’s only national Indigenous HIV and STBBI organization, is leading a new international collaboration that will investigate womxn living with HIV. developed over the past 16 years between 7 countries, CAAN was awarded $3.5 million CAD over five years from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The grant scored first in a field of 30 applications, of which nine were funded.

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