The Gatherings contribute to the different phases of “building our bundles”. The stepped approach ensures that our activities will be done in a good way and informed by the teachings that come before.

Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network Ribbon

Our Gatherings So Far

Phase 1: Team Gathering at Koeye Lodge in Bella Bella, BC
Planning Our Bundles

The Koeye Lodge team retreat near Bella Bella, BC helped to develop the concept of an HIV Older. In a beautiful setting, dedicated to land-based healing, we began developing a deeper understanding of how HIV Olders have been leaders in the HIV community and how their knowledge and experience could support the HIV community, and more specifically IPHAs. During the retreat the team discussed how Olders engage with newly diagnosed IPHAs to support their HIV-positive status through connecting with their culture and how they might optimize their HIV wellness journey with land-based healing positive action initiatives.

Whale Deck WoW Team

Phase 2: WoW Gathering in Saskatoon, SK
Creating Our Bundles

Phase 2 of our project involves the implementation of our learnings to date, informed by the land-based initiative that took place in and and around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from September 30 to October 4, 2019.

Participants, Olders, researchers, Elders, and family gathered in Saskatoon to take part in a variety of activities – medicine walks, a sweat, horse therapy, sharing circles, and a traditional feast. Our learnings will shape how this project honours teachings around wellness and we will be sharing this with you here.

Thank you to everyone who took part and to those we missed, we hope to connect with you again soon.

Photo Credit: QELEṈSEN ‘Bald Eagle’. BOḰEĆEN, Pauquachin, WSÁNÉC Territory. Photo courtesy of Rollie Haselden

Phase 3: National Gathering
Carrying the Bundles Forward

Phase 3 will explore the transferability of what we have learned and apply it to other First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities by hosting a national land-based wellness event.