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Cree Translator (2-Spirit Documentary Project)

Contract Details

Length: Up March 31st, 2024 or when deliverables have been satisfied.

Requirement: Translator with proven ability to translate professionally from Cree to English

Rate: Negotiable and is based on experience. A maximum budget for this Contract has been set.


CAAN Communities, Alliances and Networks (CAAN) is a national non-profit Indigenous organization dedicated to responding to HIV/AIDS, HCV, STBBI, TB and related mental health, aging, and comorbidities. Established in 1997, CAAN is a key voice for Indigenous People living with and/or affected by HIV and HCV. We deliver programming and engage in research with Indigenous peoples and communities across Canada and internationally. We are strategically positioned as a national voice for our membership with staff working from coast to coast, our head office is in Treaty Four territory, Fort Qu’Appelle SK.


The Cree Translator will accurately translate a 2-hour documentary film from English to Cree using the film audio and subtitles for the Re-Membering: 2-spirit Stories of the Indigenous HIV Movement in Canada Project. This individual will meet the translation needs of the National, non- profit Indigenous organization, CAAN. The film will take an Observational-Performative style approach to highlight the contributions of 2Spirited Indigenous organizers in the HIV/AIDS crisis resistance movements on Turtle Island. The film will celebrate achievements, milestones, efforts, and community, bringing awareness to 2SLGBTQIA+ leadership. The goal of this archival initiative is to acknowledge community care offerings by the 2SLGBTQIA+ Indigenous collective, document crucial historical moments for record-keeping, inform, and promote awareness and inclusion. The 2 Spirit Stories Re-Membering project is funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE). 

Roles and Responsibilities (Scope of Work)

  • Translating a 2-hour Vignette documentary film from English to Cree using the film audio and subtitles. 
  • The translation will be written with text subtitles. 
  • An additional written translation will be required for a film-viewing invitation. 
  • Please note that the documentary translation includes the film credits. 
  • The scope of the work can be completed remotely.
  • Respect and observe Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Doing (IWKD). 

Please submit your interest and attach a copy of a resume and a covering letter, or a portfolio of your work in Cree translation, in confidence to Human Resources at