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CAAN’s Research Unit brings together staff from diverse cultural, geographic and academic backgrounds to guide and conduct community-based research by, with and for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples living with HIV, HCV and STBBI across the land. Join us for a lively, pre-recorded discussion among CAAN’s research staff that answers two important questions:
– Why do we need community to participate in research?
– What lessons have we learned about HIV that can help to navigate COVID?
In addition to our discussion, the AHA Centre will launch Volume 12 of the Journal of Indigenous HIV Research (JIHR) on December 1st. Articles published in JIHR Volume 12 speak to the theme “Capacity Bridging” and have undergone a Peer Review process. For more information, or to see past volumes please visit the JIHR page on the CAAN or AHA Centre websites!
Weaving our Wisdoms supports Indigenous people living with HIV and AIDS (IPHAs) by fostering connections to the land with the land teachings delivered by HIV Olders. HIV Olders are IPHAs who have lived long term with HIV and are considered knowledge holders who have wisdom and experience to support HIV wellness for other IPHAs. For IAAW 2021, HIV Olders will be sharing knowledge and reflections from the past year and will share some of the lessons learned throughout the Weaving our Wisdoms project.
Location: Virtual via. Zoom

Time:10AM-12PM [PST] | 11AM-1PM [MST] | 12-2PM [CST] | 1-3PM [EST]| 2-4PM [AST] | 2:30-4:30PM [NST]
Contact information: Patrick Brownlee, Research and Logistic Manager by email at